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The origin of Carapelli's extra virgin olive oil

125 years making history Carapelli tells the classic Italian love story. Love for the land, for olive trees, for olives, for tradition, for oil and for art.

These days Carapelli, both in Italy and around the world, is synonymous with high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all thanks to the values and passion we’ve poured into it since 1893. Innovation and care have left their mark on our story and the production process.

More than a Process, an Art

We work to make sure the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils reach tables all over the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in tradition and art in order to produce high-quality olive oils.

We are Master Oliari

These maestros carefully choose each type of olive to ensure that the quality and flavor are consistently of the highest quality. In addition, the profile of each oil is mapped on a graph which shows the intensity of its components. Our maestros are responsible for selecting the best whole, healthy, ripe olives in order to make Extra Virgin olive oil.

| Phase 1 |

Carapelli Olive


To select only the highest quality olives, we take great care during this process. Harvesting the fruit for the press generally begins in November in the Mediterranean basin. The olives are picked at the peak of ripeness so that changes will not affect the quality of the oil.



To guarantee the quality of our oils, we use 2 harvesting methods:


Olives are chosen and harvested one by one.


The trunk is gently shaken to prevent bruising the olives.

Carapelli Transporte


Before pressing the olives, they must be cleaned on screens and transported. This process is done with the utmost care to minimize heat and fermentation.

Carapelli olives


Before being handled, the olives are sorted according to their attributes. The best are selected to make Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This process is of utmost importance since quality products only come from whole, healthy, ripe olives.

We stand out for our Quality Commitment

This commitment guarantees that all our brands offer high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our mission is deeply rooted in the tradition and art of producing outstanding Olive Oil, and this is why we work hard to fulfill our commitment to quality and transparency.

| Phase 2 |



The entire olive, including the pit, is pressed and ground in mills and grinders to release and separate the oil in the fruit.



The resulting olive paste from the press is then agitated to encourage the release of even more olive oil. The mixture must be kept at 27° C in order to conserve the aromatic compounds and to avoid accelerating the oxidation process.



In order to completely separate the water and olive oil, the olive paste is put into a vacuum centrifuge. The high speed separates residue, water and olive oil.



This process eliminates the remaining water from the olive oil and is essential in modern times, since it significantly improves the quality of Extra Virgin olive oils.

We stand out for our Master Blenders

Our experts select the right olive oils in order to carefully mix each profile. The delicious, high-quality blends are defined according to our consumers’ preferences.

| Phase 3 |



The best olive oils require a blend of all the unique flavors found in the olives of the entire growing region. Every blend must be adjusted from time to time to guarantee quality and consistency.

As leaders in the sector, we adhere to the highest standards in production and quality control.


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