The best award-winning extra

Virgin olive oils

Awards that Carapelli has achieved in the most prestigious international competitions of Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Zurich 2021 Olive Oil Awards

This international competition aims to strengthen consumer confidence in olive oil products and promote transparency in the market. Find out+

London 2021 Olive Oil Awards

Legally distributed products are standardized to preserve and improve quality. These awards promote every aspect of high-quality Olive Oil. Find out+

Japan 2021 Olive Oil Prize

An international event launched by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan to promote and raise awareness of high-quality Olive Oil around the world. Find out+

Germany 2021 Olive Oil Awards

Through its knowledge, quality and technology transfer, DLG promotes progress in the agricultural, agri-food and food industries throughout the world. Find out+

China 2021 Olive Oil comp.

This international event highlights and recognizes the quality of olive oils. The recognition of the winners is widely considered in the world. Find out+

Brussels 2021 Olive Oil Awards

The International Taste and Quality Institute, based in Brussels, is the leading organization dedicated to tasting and promoting superior-tasting food products.Find out+

Athena 2021 Olive Oil comp.

It has established itself among the fastest-growing international Olive Oil competitions and has won the trust of hundreds of olive producers in several countries. Find out+

Los Angeles 2018 Olive Oil comp.

Considered the most important international Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition in the United States and the fifth most important in the world.

France 2018 Olive Oil Awards

The Olivalies medals aim to distinguish the best olive oils in the world of each category. In addition, they allow to reward outstanding and high quality products. Find out+

NY 2018 Olive Oil Awards

In the main international event of olive oil, the judges of the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition analyze and identify the largest collection of extra virgin olive oils ever assembled. Find out+

París 2017 Olive Oil Awards

The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products is a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to increase the value of agricultural products and recognize excellence. Find out+